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Yellow Tiger Eye Elastic Bracelet

Yellow Tiger Eye Elastic Bracelet

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1、Tiger eye stone, also known as tiger eye stone, is a kind of gemstone with cat-eye effect, mostly yellow-brown, with silk-like light patterns in the gemstone. Tiger eye stone is one of the varieties of quartz. This gemstone can be made of crocidolite fiber silicon for pseudo crystal replacement.

2、 The blue variant produced by the unfinished process of silicification is called "Eagle's Eye Stone". Generally, it has black and yellow tones, like tiger patterns, but also has blue, yellow and black colors, called blue opals. Secret key array purification, opal is often called "noble gem".

3、Together with alexandrite, it is one of the five most precious and high-end gems in the world. Opal is mainly produced in gas-forming hydrothermal deposits and pegmatite dykes. Tiger's eye is a variant of wood alexandrite. The quartz fiber of tiger's eye is shorter than wood alexandrite, and the direction is irregular, arranged in any direction like stripes.


Name: Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet

Material: Tiger's Eye Black Gallstone

Color: as shown (in-kind shooting, color difference, subject to actual product)

Size: 8mm

Simple style

Material: Crystal

Type: Bracelet

Style: for men and women

Modeling: Bracelet

Health care function :anti fatigue

Packaging :independent packaging

Mosaic material: not inlaid

Color: yellow tiger fd2516, Baolan tiger fd0545, green tiger fd0546, green tiger fd0547, purple tiger fd0548, red tiger fd0549, sun tiger fd0550, blue pine fd0551, black glass fd0552

Purity: length 17cm, length 19cm, length 21cm, length 23cm

Package Content:
1 *Bracelet








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