About us

Our Brand Story

Divine Power Mart is a brand that was born out of a deep passion for all things spiritual. The founders of the brand, Rajeev and Chandalika, were both on their own personal spiritual journeys when they met and discovered their shared interest in the healing power of crystals and other spiritual items.

They both had been searching for authentic, high-quality spiritual products for a long time, but had a hard time finding a store that offered a wide range of products and had a knowledgeable staff. They decided to open Divine Power Mart, to fill that gap in the market, and to help others on their own spiritual journeys.

They began by sourcing crystals and other spiritual items from around the world, and carefully handpicking each item based on their quality and authenticity. They also made sure to educate themselves on the healing properties of each item, so that they could provide their customers with knowledgeable and professional advice.

As their business grew, they expanded their product line to include a wide range of spiritual items such as tarot cards, incense, and spiritual books, and also started to host workshops and events to help educate their customers on the healing power of these items.

Today, Divine Power Mart is a well-established brand, known for its wide range of high-quality spiritual products, and its knowledgeable and professional staff. The brand's mission is to empower people on their spiritual journey, and to help them connect with the divine power within themselves.

The brand's core values are authenticity, quality, education, and community, and they are committed to providing their customers with the best possible experience and to help them on their spiritual journey.