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Oracle Card COSMA VISIONS is a beautifully designed deck of cards that offer spiritual guidance and insights. Each card features a unique and intricate illustration, as well as a message to help you gain clarity and direction on your life's path. The cards are based on the teachings of COSMA, an ancient spiritual tradition that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things and the power of the universe to guide and support us. Whether you're looking for guidance on a specific issue or simply seeking to deepen your connection to the divine, Oracle Card COSMA VISIONS is the perfect tool for your spiritual journey.

This deck is designed for both beginners and experienced readers alike, and comes with a comprehensive guidebook to help you understand the messages of each card. The guidebook also includes information on how to use the cards for meditation, journaling, and other spiritual practices, as well as tips for interpreting the messages.

Whether you're looking for insight into your personal relationships, career, or other areas of your life, Oracle Card COSMA VISIONS is an excellent resource that can help you gain new perspectives and find answers to your deepest questions. So why wait? Embrace the wisdom of the universe and start your spiritual journey today!


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Material: Copper paper
Applicable occasions: residential area
Category: Board Game Card
Packing: bagged
Ability training: intellectual development, interactive toys

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