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Aromatherapy water-soluble essential oil

Aromatherapy water-soluble essential oil

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Introducing our Aromatherapy water-soluble essential oil!

This versatile product is perfect for adding a touch of soothing and invigorating fragrance to your home, office, or personal care routine. Made with natural plant, pure essential oils, our water-soluble formula is easy to use and can be added to a variety of liquids such as water, carrier oil, or lotion. Simply add a few drops to your diffuser or humidifier and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. The oil is also safe for use in bathwater and can be added to your shampoo, conditioner or body wash for a spa-like experience. Our essential oil is available in a variety of scents to suit your preference and mood. Whether you need to relax, focus, or energize, our Aromatherapy water-soluble essential oil is the perfect choice for creating a peaceful and inviting environment.

Product Information:
Product Category: Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Skin Type: General
Shelf life: 3 years
made in China
Net content: 10ML (g/ml)

1style: rose 10ML,
2style: lavender (lavender) 10ML,
3style: Eucalyptus 10ML,
4style: peppermint 10ML,
5style: forest bath (forest bath) 10ML,
6style: Gardenia (gardenia) 10ML,
7style: orange (orange) 10ML,
8style: jasmine (jasmine) 10ML,
9style: sakura 10ML,
10style: lemon (lemon) 10ML,
11style: green tea (green tea) 10ML,
12style: ocean 10ML,
13style: Bergamot (Bergamot) 10ML,
14style: Vetiver (vetiver) 10ML,
15style: sandalwood (sandalwood) 10ML,
16style: White tea (White tea) 10ML,
17style: Ylang ylang ML,
18style: frankincense (frankincense) 10ML,
19style: Cinnamon (cinnamon) 10ML,
20style: Tea tree 10ML,
21style: clove (clove) 10ML,
22style: sage (Happy sage) 10ML,
23style: grapefruit (grapefruit) 10ML,
24style: Lemon grass (Lemon grass) 10ML,
25style: rosemary (rosemary) 10ML,
26style: Chamomile (chamomile) 10ML

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Essential oil*1



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